Welcome to Reality Speaks

Reality Speaks facilitates student-athletes through a series of specialized programs dedicated to the successful transition after sports, while enhancing individuals’ mindset to be motivated beyond athletics.

Emphasizing athletics as the solid foundation in a strong work ethic and overcoming adversity in future challenges.

There are more than 460,000 NCAA student-athletes, and less than 2% of those athletes will go on to compete professionally in their sport. An NCAA study on the experiences of college athletes revealed that 60% of student athletes reported viewing themselves "more as athletes than students. Many hours are devoted to training, practice, and conditioning during their college years, leaving them unprepared for the professional world, damaging their ability to compete in the job market post-graduation. Reality Speaks, Inc. is a non-profit organization that targets student-athletes in successfully preparing them for life after sports. We aim to discover athletes’ interest outside of their sport, and motivate these young minds to dream beyond their limits, while guiding them in the process. We, at Reality Speaks, believe “a vision cannot be taught, but it can be directed.” A dream beyond sports…this is reality.

Meet The Founder

Throughout her educational career, she was aware of the challenges that existed for student-athletes post-graduation. She witnessed firsthand the difficulties that most athletes encountered with career choices outside of their sport and felt there was a need to help these student-athletes in being successful in life after the game. This is how Reality Speaks came about; a guide to dream and be motivated beyond your limits.